What are common withdrawal symptoms from antidepressants?

An important consideration for anyone thinking of lowering or stopping antidepressant medication is that withdrawal symptoms potentially can disrupt your life.

Our job at Outro is to minimize uncomfortable withdrawal effects. With our gradual, individualized tapering methods, most people can find a rate of withdrawal that keeps withdrawal effects to mild and bearable (or none at all).

The appearance of withdrawal symptoms and how bad they are will vary for everyone. Common antidepressant withdrawal effects include:

● Dizziness

● Headaches

● “Brain zaps”

● Insomnia

● Emotional lability (emotions going up and down)

● Depressed mood

● Anxiety

● Crying spells

● Brain fog (difficult concentrating)

● Irritability

● Agitation

● Fatigue/tiredness

● Increased sensitivity to sounds and light

● Muscle cramps

● Sensation of spinning

● Unsteady gait

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