How does Outro’s program work?

Outro offers an individually tailored approach to safely reducing or tapering off antidepressants, from the comfort of home. Here is how it works:

(1) Intake: You connect with your provider via Outro’s web or mobile application and complete your intake forms to provide us with the information we need to thoroughly evaluate your situation.

(2) Assessment: Once your Outro provider has reviewed your intake forms, you meet via video where we get to know more about you and your medical history and answer any questions you may have regarding our services. If you and your provider think it is a reasonable decision to start the process of tapering, you subscribe to Outro’s services and book your preparation appointment.

(3) Preparation: In your second meeting with an Outro clinician, you will discuss specifics of the tapering process and receive your personalized tapering plan. Once you are ready to begin tapering, your clinician prescribes custom doses of your medication whenever required by your personalized plan.

(4) Individualized tapering and support: After the first dose reduction is made, you will have a follow-up appointment with your Outro clinician to assess your response and make any adjustments necessary. Follow-up visits will be provided at regular intervals over the course of your taper.

Between appointments, members can report their symptoms and progress via Outro’s app for monitoring by their provider, and message with their provider at any time during their journey. Outro providers typically respond to messages within 48 hours on weekdays. In addition to 1-to-1 support, members are provided with resources, articles, and guided coursework, focusing on holistic approaches to mental health and wellbeing.

Therapy (Add-on): You have an option to add individual psychotherapy support throughout the program with one of Outro’s knowledgeable, compassionate, and dedicated therapists.